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NLab was founded by an Melbourne based operator with a long history of employment within the biotechnology industry, spending periods of time abroad in both Germany and Japan. NLab’s mission is to utilize the most advanced skin care technology available to produce the highest quality and most effective products for our consumers.

Each and every individual product from NLab undergoes a rigorous design and testing process carefully managed by the core developers who all share prolonged experience working in international biotechnology laboratories worldwide using the most advanced technology and
ensuring ingredients contain pollution free raw material sourced from Australia.


Campaign Introduction


Strategy for Success
Build a solid marketing portfolio
Strong distribution & pricing control
Engage with Daigou community by online & offline activities
Leverage the power of celebrities

NLab started Daigou Connection campaign in June 2018.
The aim of NLab is to expand the brand awareness, strengthen the connection with
Daigou, and increase sales on Daigou channels.

Marketing Campaigns

– Wechat Management: 50k+ page views with
high customer engagement: the top 5
comments got 5000 – 5300 likes for each. The
campaign leads to a 300% dramatically
increased daily traffic to the online store, and
$10k increased sales in the following week.
– Tourist Market Management: Advertised with
Connect China Australian Travel Guide with
150K+ impressions.

Results Delivered

  • Return On Investment = (Gain from Investment-Cost of Investment)/(Cost of Investment)
    – ROI (3 months) = 0.98
    – ROI (one year) = 19.9
  • First month of 506% growth in sales
    – 47 stores contributes 30%
    – Ads Impression contributes 70%
    ( growth depends on the amount of viewers ; Number of viewer growth at ln(x) )
    – 32,198 page views of the Wechat advertorial, with 5.9% shares