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Mater Mothers’ Hospitals is one of Australia’s largest and most experienced maternity service providers, delivering more than 10,000 babies every year. Mater maternity and baby care products have been developed by Mater Midwives and Mums specifically for newborn babies and mothers. The range, used throughout Mater Mothers’ Hospitals, provides families with safe, ethical and affordable products from a brand they can trust.

Campaign Introduction


Mater Baby started Connect China campaign in February 2018. The campaign includes three phases: Build Mater Baby products reputation on Wechat and Australian Travel Guide; Direct traffic to Daigou shops; Develop relationships with Daigou shoppers at Superbrand event.

Mater Baby understood the importance of the Chinese Lunar New Year and ran a Full Page campaign on Australian Travel Guide (ATG) from February to May 2018. With the endorsement of ATG, the ad’s information directs the traffic to Daigou channels – Aumake and Daigousales, which helps to amplify the brand voice among Daigou shoppers. In addition, we created one advertorial for Materbaby Products on Wechat, and listed the advertorial on editor’s pick in the online mall. The advertorial provides the brand marketing content for individual Daigou shoppers to promote.

Solutions Delivered


Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 12.20.51 PM

Australian Travel Guide Campaign Artwork


Advertorial & Online Mall Showcasing


Advertorial & Online Mall Showcasing


Daigou Superbrand Event

    Mater baby nappies are sold out in Aumake shops during the campaign period. Over 300,000 Chinese tourists engaged with Mater Baby’s product information during the campaign period in hotels, tour buses and rental cars. The page views on the online mall reach to 10,000 and the number keeps growing. Hundreds of Daigou shoppers engage with Mater Baby at the Daigou brand events.