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Founded in 2010, Golden Health Pharmaceuticals company is 100% Australian owned based and operates in Victoria. Golden Health specializes in wholesaling and manufacturing its own Australian made vitamins and supplements with high-quality ingredients. Golden Health products always comply with the manufacturing standard of GMP licensed by the Australian TGA. Golden Health Pharmaceuticals have become one of the most trusted brands selling in Australia and the overseas market.

Campaign Introduction

Golden Health started Daigou Connection campaign in July 2018.

As the brand is in its emerging period and it has not formulated its reputation to the Chinese community, we execute the Push
strategy to raise the brand’s trustworthy image to Daigou. We ran an advertorial campaign on 5th July. The advertorial enhanced the brand image – high qualification vitamin
manufacturer. The advertorial is very essential for kicking off the Daigou market as the Daigou people only promote the products
that have good stories and features.

We put one advertorial on Australian Travel Guide which will raise attention from tourists to Golden Health brand. The editorial is
highly integrated with the magazine content, and the endorsement can be converted to be a material for the marketing promotion
on digital platforms.

In the next step, we will Introduce Golden Health to 240 Daigou shop owners, 40 Taobao store owners, and 600 tour guides in
Sydney and China. Promote Golden Health products within Daigou community (Wechat groups & Wechat moments), and keep the
marketing communication with Daigou on behalf of the brand.

Results delivered

GH slide 2

The advertorial got 38,207 page views, and positive feedback from customers.

GH slide3

The advertorial got 38,207 page views, and positive feedback from customers.

    On 5th July 2018, we ran one advertorial campaign for Golden Health targeting Daigou community. The advertorial
    introduces the ways of how to tell a real Australian-made vitamin brand, and the article is a highly marked by Chinese consumers.

    The advertorial attracts 37,257 page views and positive feedback from customers. The campaign leads to a dramatically increased
    inquiry from retailers and end-customers.

    After Golden Health finalizes the packaging in July 2018, we will be able to distribute the products to our distribution channels in the
    coming months, converting the ads.