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Coconut Tree’s vision to offer a range of natural skin and hair care products that are based on 100% pure organic coconut oil and enhanced with quality ingredients that combine to effectively protect, nourish and beautify your body and hair every day. Coconut Tree Products has been born from a personal quest to find quality, daily skin and hair care products derived as much as possible from pure, natural and organic ingredients that actually work, and don’t cost the earth!


Campaign Introduction

Coconut Tree started Daigou Connection campaign in September 2018.


We did a research on the competitiveness of Coconut Tree’s product range in the Daigou market. We found that among the three most popular shampoo brand in Daigou market: Organix, Sukin and Akin, Coconut Tree is the only certified organic brand, and the products derived as much as possible from pure, natural and organic ingredients. That is exactly what Chinese customers keen on for Australian skincare products! The pure and natural image is also a competitive advantage in the Daigou market.


We introduce the brand to the Daigou community with a strengthened image of “Certificated organic shampoo brand” “Unique and special ingredients from coconut oil” and “No chemical, no poisonous substance”, delivering a hair-food concept to Chinese consumers.


We chose the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner as the main products to promote, as there is not a dominant hair care brand in the market yet, and they can be sold as a package.


We ran an advertorial campaign on 13th Sep. The advertorial kicked off the Daigou market, assisting Daigou and customers to understand the excellence of the products and strengthen Coconut Tree products market positioning – the purest hairfood nutrients from coconut oil.


For now, we are:

1. Introducing Coconut Tree to 240 Daigou shop owners, 40 Taobao store owners, and 600 tour guides in Sydney and China;

2. Promoting Coconut Tree within Daigou community (Wechat groups & Wechat moments);

3. Listing Coconut Tree on the Liao Aus service account online mall;

4. Having Coconut Tree banner inserted in the weekly updated articles on the Liao Aus service account;

5. Delivering marketing materials (3 Wechat posts per week) to Daigou retailers on behalf of Coconut Tree;

6. Editorial ads on Australian Travel Guide Oct. Issue;


Results delivered

Coconut Tree


The advertorial got 11,979 page views by 18th Sep 2018


Online Mall Listing


Banner inserted in the weekly article


Wechat Moment Posts

medisum WeChat view

The follower's number is increasing 1000-1500 on a daily basis

The first advertorial attracts 11,979 page views and highly active engagement: 51+ comments. Customers share with us their hair care experience and feedbacks about Coconut Tree products: part of the customers express their interests of buying Coconut Tree products.


Who are the audiences?

– 760k highly active followers, because they need to track their shipping items on the account.

– All the followers have had at least one experience of buying
Australian products from Daigou.

– 80% of the followers are female, they are big spenders on
vitamin, skin care, baby care, and food products.

– The follower’s number is increasing 1000-1500 on a daily basis.

– 100k+ followers are in Australia, and the others are mainly
distributed in the developed areas of mainland China, who are
likely to try something new.