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Blossom Health was established in 2003 by an Australian Pharmacist with the goal of providing Vitamin Supplements and Natural Health Food Products of the Highest Quality.In 2017, Blossom Heath is aiming to make its brand Blossom Manuka Honey the No.1 household name of Manuka honey throughout Australia.


  • How to differentiate audience
  • When to start the campaign and was there a key timing
  • Which areas needed the most focus
  • What methods were most cost-efficient for this campaign
  • What were the data and audience profiles behind it (the campaign)?

Our Solution


The client wanted to better understand the targeted customer’s path-to-purchase and what they care about during the customer decision journey. We started with both quantitative and qualitative market research to help our client better understand their target audiences. We segmented the customers into three groups and studied each group’s purchasing behaviours and patterns.

Based on our research, we found out the most optimal touchpoints and campaign key times to reach the target audience. Using Blossom Health’s transaction data and CRM data, ConnectX was able to geographically prioritise the most relevant areas and allocate the best possible locations selections. Based on our research and analysis, we developed a unique, lead generation strategy for their entire year-long marketing campaign, which achieved an impressive 18,000,000 Reach of targeted consumers.