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Why Do You Need ConnectX - A Marketing and Media Agency
  If you’ve never worked inside an agency or with an external agency partner, you might not feel like you really understand what an agency does.   Many clients came to us and asked, “I have a strong marketing executive team, why do I need an advertising agency to help us with a media buying solution?”     That is a good question. Even we keep asking myself, why do we exist? What motivates ConnectX and our people who work there? Most importantly, how can ConnectX help you build your brand and business?   Well, we consider a series of questions here. If you answer yes to at least one of these questions, that suggests you may need to hire an agency.  

Do you lack the resources or capacities to get the job done? 

  For example, when you want to do advertising for your brand, your team may need to figure out what percentage of the budget should be allocated to digital and how much to outdoor billboards.   Which media method is the best choice for your current promotion stage? Do you have a scientific method to work that out? By exposure? By media rate? Or just by habit?   People who usually travel by train would think road billboards are not a good method to raise brand awareness because they take less time on roads and vice versa. People usually estimate advertising effect based on their own lived experience. However, the notion is one-sided, we all have unconscious biases in our thinking.     As an agency, we have a scientific methodology to assess and measure data rather than “I think”. We calculate the exposure rate for each region and media method, then work out the detailed demographics to help advertisers target their audience accurately.

Does your internal team lack the necessary experience?

  It may be a matter of fact that you don’t have the budget or desire to hire full-time staff internally to address capability gaps. It usually takes a team at least one year to accumulate the appropriate capability and knowledge of the media industry.What is more, if you want to target Chinese customers, things would be more complicated, as the segment customers have a totally different culture, mindset, and purchasing behavior.   In addition, you must understand how China social media advertising works, because they have very popular local versions for social media in China market. For example, “Wechat” = Facebook, “Weibo”= Twitter, and “Youku”= YouTube. As a result, you need a marketing agency to help you navigate this landscape, and your internal team can focus on your products.  

Do you lack new, innovative ideas and a fresh external perspective?

  I would challenge you to ask yourself, “Do I really understand my consumers and competitors?”As an internal team member, you may have a strong emotional connection to your product and brand, they might be your “children”. As an outsider, we observe your product and brand from the customers’ perspective and we observe your competitors from an industrial landscape perspective.   While you understand your product far better than us, we’re likely to understand your customers and competitors better than you.   If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve identified at least one business reason to look for a trustworthy agency to help with your problems. An external agency is able to augment your resources and capabilities in a cost-efficient way to develop inspiring, strategic and effective marketing campaigns.   So basically, an agency partner fills your internal gaps and helps you build your brand and improve your marketing. As an agency, we have the insight, expertize, experience, and resources that you may not possess. As a data-driven marketing and advertising agency, we know how to plan, measure and optimize the effect across all the brand’s marketing touch points. ConnectX has achieved media transparency by allowing advertisers to:  
  1. Select the best-performing media channels and vehicles
  2. Know how much they are paying for media services and data
  3. Know where their advertising is landing
  4. Know who it is reaching and how effectively
  5. Make better decisions on future investment
  Hire a marketing and advertising expert so you can focus on your products.
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