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Vita Future’s highly qualified research team has created a range of products using key nutrients and herbs that are traditionally known to prevent cold and flu infection, reduce symptoms and speed up recovery. Their unique philosophy is to create synergistic recipes of proven ingredients to enhance the effect. Their growth and immunity collection feature smart combinations of familiar and unique ingredients that work cohesively in supporting digestion, immunity and growth.




Herbal Nutrition Specialist


Brand start from “0“. An emerging Australian brand to the Chinese market




Storytelling by the customers & Omni-Channel distribution

After brand auditing, ConnectX angled Vita Future’s brand as an immune system guard for children and families. They created the brand angle through educating customers and retailers on the products benefits.
While blog posts are a dime a dozen, an effective customer story is much harder to duplicate. ConnectX found the precise targeted group to review the products and share their reviews on Chinese social media.


Progress of Marketing

● Built a distinct image of being an herbal nutritional specialist to differentiate itself from most healthcare products in the market
● Established the initial purchasing intention for potential customer groups who are adapting to the brand positioning
● Progressively improved and increased the engagement of the Daigou network

Progress of Distribution

Visited Local Daigou Stores


China Sales Channels


Sales within One Month


Strategy. Action. Results

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