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Cherub Rubs is the first Certified Organic Baby Care brand in compliance with Australia’s National Standard for Organic Produce in 2016. Cherub Rubs’ products contain at least 70 – 95% certified organic ingredients, while the remaining ingredients come from natural sources. They use high quality raw materials that are sourced from either within Australia or an organic source. The concentration of essential oils we use is also specifically formulated for the safety of babies.


Baby skincare


Certificated organic and the most trusted & Professional baby products


Established in AU market (founded in 2004) and well-known in South-Eastern Asian regions but new to the Chinese mainland market




Upgrading Brand Image & Omni-channel Distribution

ConnectX emphasized their credibility in the field of professional organic products to differentiate it from its competitors. We understand the importance of using content marketing to engage with target audiences.
As their targeted group is middle to upper-class Chinese mums, their marketing materials have been adjusted accordingly to meet the preferences of the consumer group. We realised the need to integrate their marketing efforts with word of mouth and e-commerce distribution for the Chinese market. For the local market, our angle was to distribute their products through the network of Daigou and its local retail stores. This decision enabled Cherub Rubs to have advantages in:


Progress of Marketing

● Positive brand image, resulting in affirmative customer reviews. Differentiated Cherub Rubs from its competitors with its organic products certified. They are now viewed as the most trusted & professional baby product amongst the Chinese customers
● Progressively improved the Daigou network relations and increased community engagement

Progress of Distribution

Visited Local Daigou Stores


China Sales Channels


Sales within One Month


Strategy. Action. Results

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