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Blossom Health was established in 2003 by an Australian Pharmacist with the goal of providing Vitamin Supplements and Natural Health Food Products of the Highest Quality. In 2017, Blossom Heath aimed to make itself the No.1 household name of Manuka honey throughout Australia.




The leading brand of Manuka honey market


Established Australian brand but new to the Chinese market




ConnectX started with market research by undertaking both quantitative and qualitative exercises to help Blossom better understand the targeted customer’s path-to-purchase. We segmented the customers into three groups and analyzed each group’s purchasing behavioural patterns.
Based on our research, we worked out the most optimal touchpoints to reach the target audience was key campaign timing. Draw on Blossom Health’s transaction data and CRM data, ConnectX were able to geographically prioritise the most suitable locations to implement marketing strategies with the use of various forms of billboards that largely covered premium location.


We developed a unique, lead generation strategy for their one-year-long marketing campaign, which achieved an impressive 18,000,000 reach of their targeted consumers in the main Chinese visitor concentrated areas – Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Billboards at airports and on roads have established a strong brand image for our clients and have effectively increased the number of enquiries for the products.

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