Influencer Marketing Case Study: Pony’s Australia Trip

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In August 2019, ConnectX invited PONY, an influential Korean make-up artist and beauty blogger, to Sydney to promote four beauty and make-up brands, including Dr Lewinn’s, Sukin, Napoleon Perdis and VK6. In this following travel vlog, she promoted Dr. Lewinn’s, Sukin and Napoleon Perdis’ products while VK6’s product was featured in a separate video.


PONY is Korea’s most successful beauty guru with a strong influential presence in China’s social media. With millions of followers on every media platform, she has been featured in various prestigious magazines such as Harper Bazaar, Elite Dailey, TeenVogue, Marie Clair and many more. Being a trendsetter as well as a cosmetic expert, PONY has the power and ability in turning almost every product into a best seller in stores. This explains why she is adored by many luxury brands such as Chanel, Dior, YSL, Givenchy, Burberry, Giorgio Armani and much more.


The main objectives of this project were increasing brand awareness and brand value of each product’s brand, which are critical components in entering the Chinese market.


In utilizing the effects and influence of a KOL, we worked with PONY to promote the products and their brand stories through her travel vlogs on the most popular streaming platforms such as Weibo, Douyin, AiQiYi, YouKu and many more. This form of content is a great way to create an engaging and immersive experience for the viewers where they are able to explore the essential characteristics of the product.


Case 1 – Dr. Lewinn’s

PONY recommended Dr. Lewinns’ Line Smooth Complex S8 High Potency Treatment Mask to her viewers after sharing that her travels to different countries exposed her skin to sunlight and UV rays, causing fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, as it was winter in Sydney PONY emphasized that it was crucial to take care of her skin against the dry weather. As many female viewers are able to understand and relate to these situations, PONY was able to promote the product in an authentic and natural way.

While she demonstrated how to use the mask, she provided a detailed and informative explanation of the benefits of the product, increasing viewer’s product knowledge and understanding. For example, as the product is a two- piece mask, PONY was able to show the benefits of its unique feature by demonstrating alternative ways of applying it. Here female viewers learnt that the mask can be used on their chin and neck as well as their face. This increased viewer’s product knowledge as well as maximizing the quality of the product and brand.

As PONY is a beauty expert and often praised by her viewers of her flawless skin, this endorsement increased credibility to the product and brand. Moreover, as viewers were able to see the immediate positive effects of the product, such as her skin being more vibrant and tightened, they were further encouraged to purchase the product.

Case 2 – Sukin

PONY promotes Sukin’s Reviving Eye Cream to her viewers as part of her skincare routine in minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.

Similar to Case 1, PONY provided comprehensive product information to her viewers by explaining the positive effects of the natural ingredients of the product. This is a great way of delivering the selling point of the product, increasing the brand value and quality.

In addition, PONY demonstrated how to massage the product into their skin to maximize its benefits and effects, encouraging her viewers to incorporate the product in their skincare routine.

Case 3 – Napoleon Perdis

Napoleon Perdis primer and liquid foundation were used to achieve a natural and lightweight make up look. In promoting the product, she told her viewers that many celebrities including Lady Gaga, Kardashians and Miranda Kerr use this brand, adding credibility and increasing the value of the brand.

In the video, viewers were able to hear as well as see the light-weight quality of the liquid foundation. While viewers were able to see the immediate results of the product, PONY provided product explanation and reviewed how it felt on her skin.


The travel vlog on Weibo has 2 million views with 12,000 likes and 1,758 reposts. Many viewers expressed interest in the product after watching the video.

On the post, PONY promoted a giveaway as a fun interaction with her viewers and boost active audience engagement. This tactic is also effective in increasing brand awareness. In addition, the Weibo post was linked to the shopping page where users can easily purchase the featured products. This is an effective tactic to directly convert traffic into sales as viewers have seen the benefits and positive results of the product.

In following up this campaign, Sukin reposted PONY’s travel vlog on Weibo, including the shopping links, to attract more traffic to their page and increase brand awareness. Moreover, their post promoted a giveaway of their product to again encourage active audience engagement.

Watch the full version of the vlog:


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