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Connect China Initiative

Connect China Initiative is an exclusive tourism media mix, which includes Print Advertising, Transit Advertising, Wechat Advertising and Payment Advertising.
Connect China helps advertisers develop their brand recognition and build strong connections with Chinese visitors, engaging with them every step of their journey through digital, print and outdoor media prior to their trip, while they travel and after their return to China.

Daigou Connection

Daigou Connection is a program of introducing Australian local brands to Chinese customers through the Daigou (buying and shipping to China) channels. The program is able to increase your brand awareness among both Daigou retailers and end-customers, dipping in the market and engaging with end-customers through our distribution network with 240+ Daigou stores, 40+ e-commerce stores and 600+ tour guides across Australia and China.

Media Planning & Buying

We select the optimal mix of media solutions to engage your audience based on our research results and insightful data. The media plan is broken down into four stages: market analysis, establishment of media objectives, media strategy development and implementation, and evaluation.

At ConnectX, we are able to provide the freshest discount information to our clients. The media offerings include: Airport, Rail, Road, Retail, Street Furniture, Campus, Transit, Business Building, and Cinema.

Content & Creative

We combine our knowledge, research and data to identify the right stories, storytellers and content formats for you. We have our finger on the pulse and can help you find the best rates, options and opportunities to produce your content & creative assets.

Market Research

ConnectX has an exciting range of innovative processes and research techniques based on 3 key pillars in the business: People; Experience; and Culture. Our services will change the way you think about focus groups, customer segmentations and online communities. We provide a hybrid mix of digital and agile, alongside traditional methods and can tailor our research to suit your business needs.