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Develop A Brand and Marketing Strategy That Fuels Your Business Growth​

ConnectX provides in-depth marketing strategies and customised result-driven campaigns with detailed research around competitive messaging and marketing tactics.

We help clients refine their brand messaging as well as their visual brand identities to make sure it is consistently employed across every customer touch point. 

We ensure that every client’s overall strategy effectively utilises the best practices and tools, to guarantee we build plans that are measurable to evaluate how effective we are at reaching your goals.

We Provide creative China digital marketing solutions

Embrace the warmest engagement with Chinese consumers

In the age of endless content, fast paced lifestyles and shorter attention spans, mean the brain is overwhelmed with information to absorb, challenging how the media landscape responds. ConnectX is about building media strategies that maximises its knowledge of the Chinese and develop intimate concepts, media plans and channels to embrace the warmest engagement with its target market.

With strong Chinese and Australian relationships we are able to deliver powerful storytelling and become focal trending topics amongst the audience.

We specialise in:

ConnectX is about building media strategies that maximises its knowledge of the Chinese market and develop intimate concepts, media plans and channels to embrace the warmest engagement with Chinese consumers.

  • Baidu SEO, Press Release
  • Social Media Platforms, e.g. Little Red Book, Weibo/Wechat etc
  • Short Video Platforms, e.g. Douyin/Ticktok, Kuaishou etc
  • E-commerce Platforms, e.g. Taobao, JD, etc

Establish your unique marketing assets and distribution network

Connect China Initiative

Social Media Marketing

We craft social media marketing campaigns for assisting any phase of the customer journey from awareness, consideration to conversion. We are capable of creating engaging contents that keeps your audience interested.
  • Creative & Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social Media Video

KOL & KOC Marketing

KOL & KOC Marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods in China. It is a soft-selling strategy where influencers become communicators between a brand and its target audience. It leverages word of mouth to achieve promotional effects.
  • KOL Product Endrosement
  • KOC Product Seeding
  • Live Streaming
  • Short Video

E-Commerce Content Marketing

We communicate your story, develop conversations and creating authentic ecommerce content that drives engagement and commercial success for your brand.
  • E-C Copywriting
  • E-C Photography & Design
  • Marketplace Advertising
  • Live Streaming

One-Stop Marketing Agency

What else we can do for you?

China Cross Border E-commerce Trading

Partnering with Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, we have established Australia-New Zealand Buyers Association (ANBA) to provide ANZ brands a simple, low-risk and low-cost solution to open new sales channels, enter China market and build a brand presence.

Media Planning & Buying

We create media buying plans based on the analytical data generated through our dynamic team in digital and traditional media to ensure best delivery to market growth and customer acquisition on brand deliverables.

Events & Influencers

We work with Australian and Chinese influencers and celebrities to deliver compelling content and results. We ensure quality deliveries on all forms of media platforms to achieve brand activation success.

We deliver enriching end results for our clients.

Strategy. Action. Results

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