How to connect to Chinese tourists?


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Chinese tourists visit Australia quite often, especially around the holiday season and that can be a boon for many Australian tourist businesses. However, most businesses don’t know how to market their services to this demographic and fall behind, failing to attract interest from inbound Chinese travellers. At ConnectX, we recommend business owners take the steps mentioned below in to gain attention from Chinese tourists and add to their revenue:

Understand where do they live and shop

It’s a good idea to understand where they live and shop when they stay in Australia so you can offer them convenient local options and provide them assistance on local matters. Some Chinese travellers come to explore Australia while others come to visit their family residing here and explore the place at the same time. Once you understand where they live and shop, you can alter your marketing strategy, content, and approach accordingly to get better results from the campaigns.


Brand image is critical

Chinese tourists are cautious about where they spend their money and will only choose to purchase from brands they consider reliable and respectable. That’s why it’s essential to focus on brand image and optimise it. Make sure the logo design and branding is on point and send the right message to prospective customers. It’s also important to ensure all content is clear, informative, and engaging to prospective Chinese customers. If you take the differences between Chinese and Australian culture into consideration before creating content, you’ll see better results from your campaigns.


Adapt to their familiar payment methods

Chinese tourists often struggle to adapt to different payment methods used in Australia so they’ll be more inclined to do business if you adapt to payment methods familiar to them. Research the payment options favoured by Chinese tourists and conduct surveys to determine what kind of payments your existing Chinese and Asian clients prefer. This will allow you to choose the best payment options and draw more customers to your business.


Leverage their word-of-mouth power

Chinese tourist and residents rely on word-of-mouth more often than other demographics. They’ll seek out recommendations and suggestions from their friends or family before they spend money on a particular product or service. It’s a good idea to capitalise on this and encourage your existing customers to provide referrals. You can reward referrals by offering them discounts and points to ensure they’re motivated. Word-of-mouth will bring in more converting customers than regular marketing strategies so it pays to focus on this strategy.


Convenient shipping method

A quick, convenient, and reliable shipping method is essential if you want to gain customer confidence and increase sales. Most Chinese tourists will want to know when they’ll receive their products down to the exact date. Some businesses also offer international shipping and can send the items directly to the customer’s home in China. Explain your shipping policies and costs clearly on your websites and ensure the Chinese tourists know all the details. Honest and accurate information will make them more inclined to purchase product from you.



If you want to know more about connecting with Chinese tourists or want help with marketing, contact us at ConnectX Marketing and Advertising or give us a call at (02) 9267 2972. We’ll be happy to help.

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