How International Brands Can Thrive in China’s Post COVID-19 era via Alibaba Platforms

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Alibaba’s premier C2C e-commerce platform Taobao Global launched the  second“Global Buyers’ Festival”(one of the biggest festival for Global Merchants on Taobao Marketplace) from 15th of July 2020 to 22nd of July 2020. As a strategic partner with Taobao Global, Australia-New Zealand Buyers Association (ANBA)(operated by ConnectX Sydney) had brought over 100 Australia local brands to tap into China consumption rebound and had recorded over RMB 15 million (AUD 3 million) in sales.

An ANZ-themed promotional campaign was held on the 18th of July via Taobao Marketplace featuring flash sales and product recommendations with more than 30 top Taobao Global buyers. ( Taobao Global buyers, made up of influential merchants in different fields, delve deeply into overseas lifestyles and curate quality foreign products for Chinese consumers.)






While the whole world is suffering recurring COVID-19 outbreaks, China’s domestic consumer demand is growing against the trend. The current consumption tends to focus more on online shopping instead of offline shopping, spread from regional consumer markets to the whole country, and transform from selective consumption to personalized consumption. At this particular moment, based on the market forces of both supply and demand sides, Taobao Global has once again completed the dual empowerment of Taobao Global stores and overseas brands through the annual Global Buyers’ Festival.

As one of Taobao Global’s most significant annual shopping festivals, the Global Buyers’ Festival centered around the Taobao Global platform, extends to more than 70 countries and regions around the world, including Australia, Europe, the U.S., Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea.


New Retail Concept Seizes the Market

Dr. Kangaroo Joins “Hyperspace Buyers” in the Fight for Recovery


Buyers play the most crucial role in the relationship between brands and consumers in the industry chain of overseas online shopping. They not only engage in simple procurement and selling but also take charge of matching, recommendation/product seeding depending on their aesthetic taste and judgment about consumer needs. What they deliver is not only quality products, but also a way of life.

As this year’s Coronavirus outbreak worsening globally, people’s desire for outbound shopping cannot be satisfied. Taobao Global innovatively proposed the concept of “Hyperspace Buyers” (in the form of cartoon characters ), aiming to help people transcend time and space to get everything they need and to perceive the temperature and value of a buyer more strongly.

Australia and New Zealand Theme Day, 18th of July, witnessed a particular guest’s arrival in live streaming sessions. Different from the common understanding of influencer marketing campaigns, the Australia and New Zealand Special Event, jointly organized by Taobao Global and ANBA, has made a breakthrough by incorporating Dr. Kangaroo – the cartoon image of representative red kangaroos in Australia and the symbol of Australia Health Care Brand Dr. Nature into an alliance with influencers, celebrities and top Taobao Global buyers from Australia and New Zealand to fight for a global recovery in consumer spending on behalf of Australia and New Zealand.








During the Global Buyers’ Festival, Dr. Kangaroo, together with “Hyperspace Buyers” in other regions, danced the hottest “YES! OK” and “Priceless Sister” through live stream marketing campaigns as one of Australia’s and New Zealand Special Event highlights, capturing the hearts of a large number of audiences. On the 21st of July, Dr. Kangaroo and Taobao Global co-branded blind box sold out in the first 5 seconds through live streaming, fully demonstrating its enormous influence on marketing campaigns.


Joint Efforts Within and Beyond Taobao

Reaches a Climax as a Hot Topic

 The Global Buyers’ Festival got massive exposure through the Taobao platform. In the meantime, the topic of “Hyperspace Buyers” was listed on Weibo’s trending searches with over 100 million interactions. Netizens actively participated in the discussion, setting a craze for recreating their familiar and favorite IP characters.

It is one of the changes in this year’s Global Buyers’ Festival. Through the cooperation with the cartoon characters to create “Hyperspace Buyers,” influencers and IP characters joined hands in strength to share Taobao Global’s official traffic pool. After 192 hours of continuous exposure and conversion, they dissolved the space boundaries of overseas online shopping in the post-pandemic era, Taobao Global buyers around the world, and captured the hearts of consumers.


Unites Top Taobao Global Buyers via Live Streaming

Sold Out of Premium Products from Australia and New Zealand

This year, Taobao Global has made a surprise move. Based on the popular Taobao Live, it worked with the ANBA to launch a 24-hour live streaming event – “Sold Out of Premium Products from Australia and New Zealand in 24 Hours”. More than 30 “Hyperspace Buyers” across Australia and New Zealand jointly conducted over 100 live streaming events in 24 hours, introducing and selling premium products from Australia and New Zealand to their followers through various online promotion activities. Therefore, consumers outside Australia and New Zealand can buy authentic products at local prices via live streaming. Better yet, they can take part in the hourly “Super Seckilling” promotion activity.







The select products in Australia and New Zealand for China’s domestic consumers through the Special Event in which more than 50 brands joined. In addition to some best-sellers, there are Dr.Nature Oyster Kangaroo Essence ( OK Pill, Australia’s first men’s formula ), Tropeaka organic plant-based proteins ( a hit in the fitness circles in Europe and the U.S.), Hivita Luminous White Skin Lightener Capsule ( known as a beauty product for Australian ladies ), Enervite Lactoferrin ( produced from the golden milk source belt ) and The Land Formulated Milk Powder with Lactoferrin ( known as New Zealand’s small blue can).

Besides, ANBA organized several top Taobao Global buyers to visit the largest health product factory of Australia’s leading brand – Dr. Nature and trace its source via live streaming. The entire manufacturing process of Dr.Nature Oyster Kangaroo Essence ( OK Pill), from raw materials to production and processing to put on the market, was demonstrated to consumers. This way, people will know more about local specialties in Australia and New Zealand and their manufacturing processes. Through unlocking the secret of brands, top Taobao Global buyers can recommend excellent products to overseas online consumers.





During the COVID-19 Pandemic, ANBA made use of Australia and New Zealand Special Event to fully integrate the helpful resources in Australia and New Zealand, and tap into the featured products of many SMEs brands to meet customers’ demand for differentiated products. This marketing campaign as a driving force behind the industry chain turned Taobao Global into a fresh and vibrant driving factor in the cross-border e-commerce market. It injects more confidence to consumers and businesses at home and abroad that have been hitting hard by the pandemic.

Looking forward, ANBA will create more possibilities for Australian and New Zealand brands and buyers.


About ANBA

ANBA is an association for ANZ businesses to connect with merchants and distributors on Alibaba’s Taobao Global shopping site. ANBA is also the officially certified partner with Taobao Global(belongs to Alibaba Group) in Australia and New Zealand. It is committed to helping brands enter and achieve success in the China market.

ANBA is membership-based. It provides a series of comprehensive services and solutions for member brands, including building brand awareness with integrated marketing solutions, developing sales channels through Taobao global buyers, distributors, and logistics and warehousing. Our goal is to help brands achieve remarkable success in the China market.

For more information, visit or

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