How Double 11 Offers Big Opportunities for ANZ brands

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Double 11 shopping festival, also called Single’s Day, is the largest E-commerce Shopping Festival in China, with huge sales worldwide.

Although it’s around two months away from the Double 11 Shopping Festival, it’s a perfect time for brands to start preparation. As an official partner of Alibaba Group’s Taobao Global, Australia and New Zealand Buyers Association(ANBA)is launching an exclusive online event– ANZ Must-Buy on Alibaba cross-border platform to help local brands get the most out of the Chinese E-Commerce Festival.

What is ANZ Must-Buy?

ANZ Must-Buy will start from the 12th of October to the 11th of November. It combines four promotional campaigns, including two ANZ-themed campaigns and two Double 11 campaigns on Alibaba’s Taobao marketplace.

Present your products at ANZ Must-buy event

This event will last one month, which is the best promotion period in a year for brands to generate sales. At the same time, this event will help brands build and enhance long term relationships with Taobao Global merchants/buyers.

Sponsorship Plan

We are offering three types of sponsorship plans to suit all ANZ businesses’ needs:

  • CHAMPIONSHIP – For established brands with considerable sales and well-known products in China.
  • GOLD LEVEL – For local businesses with physical stores, e.g., pharmacy, duty-free stores, Etc.
  • SILVER LEVEL – For local SME brands with limited or even zero presence in China


We are now offering free entry for new members of ANBA!
For any brands join ANBA by 25th September, we will upgrade you to a SILVER LEVEL sponsor for free. (Limit: 10 brands)

About ANBA

Australia-New Zealand Buyers Association (ANBA) is an independently-operated platform of Australian and New Zealand brands, buyers and distributors. ANBA is also the exclusive officially certified partner with Taobao Global(a member of the e-Commerce Giant Alibaba Group) in Australia and New Zealand.  It is committed to helping brands enter and achieve success in the China market. ANBA is membership-based, providing a series of comprehensive services and solutions for member brands, including

  • Building brand awareness with integrated marketing solutions;
  • Developing sales channels through e-Commerce merchants, distributors;
  • Offering logistics and warehousing.

Our goal is to help brands achieve fantastic success in the China market.

How Does ANBA Help Brands Enter the China Market?
(A brief Introduction to ANBA)

Australia-New Zealand Buyers Association (ANBA) is an independently-operated platform of Australian and New Zealand brands, buyers and distributors. This video will give you a brief introduction about ANBA and how we work.

China Market Is Full Of Opportunity for Aussie SMEs
( An Interview with SME TV)

It’s a simple question would you do business in China to grow and thrive? The China market is full of opportunities for Australian businesses to make up the losses, gain more global market share and open up other avenues of trade.

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