How Does Little Red Book Rapidly Boom Market Sales?

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– For users to review products and share shopping/travelling experiences with the community

– One of the most influential review platform and cross border e-commerce platform in China

– Helping local Chinese consumers contact with global retailers

– 0.1 billion registered users

– 30 million monthly active users

– Celebrities & influencers-based platform



This platform provides customers with a space to browse through various shopping experiences – travelling, food and products. Customers can read reviews and get into discussions with other customers, and then make a purchase.

All of these aspects are based on trust and the power of word of mouth. Customers are more likely to trust recommendations from their peers than they are to trust advertisements or promoted content. That’s one of the reasons why this platform has become so successful.

All signs indicate that this platform will only grow in the future so it is a good idea for businesses to get on it as quickly as possible. 






1. Influencer Review:

They are opinion leaders in some specific fields, like beauty/fashion, lifestyle, health care, baby care etc. They have a strong influence on their audience by word-of-mouth marketing. They help with a high conversion rate and quick results.


2. Ordinary Customer Review:

Ordinary customer reviews help to enhance product/brand’s trustworthy and potential customers’ confidence in purchasing the products, as they are not as commercial as bloggers and celebrities. To build a portfolio of ordinary customer reviews is very critical to new product/brand.


3. Keywords Search Results Optimization:

boost the review ranking to the top 5 results of a specific keyword. E.g. searching “whitening mask”, then we got 403.9k results. Optimizing the reviews to the top will help with stand out in the competitor products, and the traffic is targeted as the users are those who are looking for a specific type of product/service.


User Profile of Little Red Book

Age 18-35 group represents 70%

Female represents 70%




1. Target Australia local Chinese & Chinese tourists.

e.g. product brands, tourist spots, shopping malls, restaurants etc.


2. Target Chinese customers in mainland China.

e.g. health care, cosmetics, baby care, food brands etc.



Contact our consultants for the quotation of Little Red Book campaign.

Tel: 1300 039 651


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