How Celebrities Trigger The Market in China

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Today, the celebrity endorsements concept has become an integral aspect of the advertising space and has ballooned into a multi-million industry. In recent years, most advertisements on television have celebrities propagating the use of certain products or services. This has a significant impact on customer buying behaviours. Modern-day marketers use various celebrity endorsers to influence the purchase decision of consumers in order to extend their market share and boost sales.

Celebrity endorsements influence the brand image of companies and smart marketing involves establishing a pattern of connectivity between the celebrity and the brand image of the company. When celebrities endorse a business, consumers assume the business is credible and that it provides great products or services. While none of these aspects have changed too much over the years, one thing that has changed is the medium used for celebrity endorsements.

How Social Media Changed the Celebrity Endorsements Landscape

There has been a very smooth transition of celebrity endorsement from TV advertisements to various social media channels. There has been a distinct change in consumer reaction since celebrities started to endorse brands, products, and services via social media. Let’s take a look at what’s changed:

1. More targeted & convincing advertising

Celebrities have a large following on social media. When these celebrities endorse a product via their social media handles, it elicits a significant amount of attention from these followers.

Once consumers see a familiar face on social media ads, they are more encouraged to buy a product or service and trust the brand. Fans are prone to believe that if their favourite celebrity thinks that a product is of very high quality, it’s something they can purchase without giving it a second thought.

Daigou, Chinese social media

2. Subtle yet Effective Advertising

The beauty of advertising via social media is that the advertisement need not be in-the-face like some TV ads tend to be. On social media, the endorsement may be cleverly hidden in the celebrity’s lifestyle post.

E.g.: A certain popular Chinese female celebrity posted a Weibo of herself doing a facial. But the video frame also panned some Mega Finance products that were casually lying on her dresser in the background.

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for these products to shoot to fame. The audiences looked upon them as ‘celebrity same-style products’. This concept of merging advertising into blog posts that celebrities post on social media is becoming the latest trend. It’s proven to be one of the best ways to make ads more convincing, compared to other forms of aggressive marketing.

Why Do Celebrities Have Such An Impact?

The Peer Following Aspect – Since celebrities enjoy the adulation of so many fans, it’s easy to understand why people would automatically take to the brands that celebrities seem to prefer. The other aspect is that people in China, are more likely to follow in the footsteps of the majority.

This means customers here will follow celebrities they like as well as who their peers like. Since China has a very large population, it becomes very easy for celebrities with a social media presence to generate a large number of followers, causing the ‘snowball’ effect.

Change in Customer Behaviour- The ‘fandom culture’ is slow but steadily changing customer behaviour. Most celebrity fans in China believe that when they purchase products being endorsed by celebrities they follow, they are showing support for their favourite idol.

Social media has taken the marketing and advertising space by storm and the rapid growth of these platforms has also led to a dramatic expansion of the celebrity effect over the last decade.

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