How Australian Brands Boost Sales at The Double 11 Global Shopping Festival

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With China’s biggest e-commerce gala, Double Eleven (November 11), approaching, brands are seeing the shopping event as an essential opportunity to boost sales growth in one of the world’s largest markets.

As an official partner of Alibaba Group’s Taobao Global, Australia and New Zealand Buyers Association(ANBA)has launched a series of promotional events since October, ensuring our member brands can get the most out of the Chinese E-Commerce Festival.

B2C Event: ANZ Must-Buy

ANZ Must-Buy will start from the 12th of October to the 11th of November. It combines four promotional campaigns, including two ANZ-themed campaigns and two Double 11 campaigns on Alibaba’s Taobao marketplace.

This event lasts one month, which is the best promotion period in a year for brands to generate sales. Since the 12th of October, we have already completed a $6 Million Gross Merchant Value (GMV) in two weeks.

B2C Event: Double 11 Live Streaming
From October to the 11th of November, we will have more than 100 live streams with 30 different global merchants/buyers. Based on live streamers’ feedback, we have provided traffic and product support to stimulate them to promote our member brands.

B2B Event: Networking and Product Training Webinar

On the 23rd of October, we launched a Networking and Product Training Webinar through Taobao Global Official channels. The event aims to help brands build and enhance long-term relationships with Taobao Global merchants/buyers. Our member brands could have an excellent opportunity to present their products to more than 2000 global merchants/buyers.

B2B Event: Top Merchants/Buyers Competition

From the 1st of November to the 11th of November, we organized a sales competition event on Taobao Global’s Distribution Platform. If the merchants/buyers reach the sales target during this event, they can receive a cash bonus. It encourages them to promote and sell products through live streams. It helps build brand awareness and boost sales through double 11.

To receive more information about how you can boost sales by partnering with ANBA, please click the button below to know more ANBA membership program.

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About ANBA

Australia-New Zealand Buyers Association (ANBA) is an independently-operated platform of Australian and New Zealand brands, buyers and distributors. ANBA is also the exclusive officially certified partner with Taobao Global(a member of the e-Commerce Giant Alibaba Group) in Australia and New Zealand.  It is committed to helping brands enter and achieve success in the China market. ANBA is membership-based, providing a series of comprehensive services and solutions for member brands, including

  • Building brand awareness with integrated marketing solutions;
  • Developing sales channels through e-Commerce merchants, distributors;
  • Offering logistics and warehousing.

Our goal is to help brands achieve fantastic success in the China market.

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