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– The Most Effective Way to Sell Your Products to the Chinese End Customers

Daigou, or overseas personal shopper is a channel of commerce in which a person outside of China purchases goods (mainly beauty and health products but also groceries) for a customer in mainland China. The phrase means "buying on behalf of".

Trust within social circles is at core to this Daigou business model, where growing consumer class in Mainland China prefer to buy products through people they know. It’s pretty cost effective through the word-of-mouth channel to create brand awareness back to China.

Daigou Connection enables brands connect with:


Daigou shops


Taobao stores


Tour guides

How to drive Daigou to sell a product?



Step 1:Build a unique brand story, and sufficient marketing content on Chinese media for Daigou to refer. An official endorsement is essential to a brand, this would convince the Daigou community that the product is trustworthy so as to promote the product.


Step 2: Introduce your brand to Daigou distributors, each one of them connects to thousands of individual Daigou shoppers and end-customers. Daigou Connection helps brands to communicate with the 230+ Daigou distributors, and provides transparent distributors’ information to brands for reference.


Step 3: It’s time to sell! Daigou Connection is able to distribute your products on the shelves of the Daigou shops, in charge of the ordering system and the logistics, which save tons of time and money on the communication and delivery.


Step 4: Attract the attention from Daigou shoppers and customers. Broadcast your product information in Daigou Wechat groups, Wechat moments, and of course, inside the physical Daigou shops.


Step 5: (Optional) Hold a Superbrand Event. The event will allow you to demonstrate your product in person, develop relationships with Daigou agents, and amplify the brand voice.

The program only supports 2 brands a month as it takes efforts to have both marketing and distribution done well.

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