DAIGOU CONNECTION - Daigou Marketing and Distribution Management


– The most effective way to sell your products to the Chinese end customers

Daigou, or overseas personal shopper is a channel of commerce in which a person outside of China purchases goods (mainly beauty and health products but also groceries) for a customer in mainland China. The phrase means "buying on behalf of".

Trust within social circles is at core to this Daigou business model, where growing consumer class in Mainland China prefer to buy products through people they know. It’s pretty cost effective through the word-of-mouth channel to create brand awareness back to China.

Daigou Connection enables brands connect with:


Daigou shops


Taobao stores


Tour guides

How does the program work?



Step 1: Sharpen your product features and brand stories, and build sufficient marketing content on Chinese social media for Daigou shoppers to refer.


Step 2: Introduce your brand to Daigou retailers/tour guides, each one of them is connecting to thousands of individual Daigou shoppers and end-customers.


Step 3: It’s time to sell! Daigou Connection is able to distribute your products to the shelves of the Daigou shops. We engage with the Daigou retailers who empower individual Daigou shoppers.


Step 4: Attract the attention from individual Daigou and end-customers. Broadcast your product information in Daigou Wechat groups, Wechat moments, and of course, inside the physical Daigou stores.

What is unique about our program?

Each our tour guide is a competent Daigou person.

Each month, a tour guide will lead at least 15 travel groups with at least 25 people in each group, which allows a tour guide to have at least 300 new customers followed his/her WeChat account every month.

In Daigou Connection selling system, we work with over 600 Chinese tour guides based in Sydney and mainland China with the reach of over 120,000 new customers every month.

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What our customers are saying?

“ConnectX have been incredible to deal with. BodyBlendz has really made a name for itself in the Chinese market and a huge thank you goes to ConnectX. ConnectX have been consistently efficient, transparent and effective in every way possible. The BodyBlendz have always trusted their advice and we love their approach! We can't wait to see what the future holds, and we would like to sincerely thank ConnectX for everything they have done and continue to do for our organisation and brand. Thank you ConnectX!”
Chris K. Head of Finance & Operations at BodyBlendz
“ I had a pleasure of working with ConnectX in their Daigou Connection Program, the whole team I was associated with was unbelievably helpful, responsible and efficient. All the marketing champions associated with the program were very well scheduled and they also delivered very satisfied results.”
Cady M. Marketing Manager at Aussia
“I have been working with many marketing agencies and distributors for the China Market. ConnectX Team is very active and effective. They perform exceptionally well throughout the whole process: plan – discuss – implement – evaluate. Compared to other marketing agencies, ConnectX is responsible for delivering results and responding to issues quickly. We will keep working with ConnectX as NLab’s reliable work partner.”
Claudia Y. Chinese Marketing & Distribution Manager at NLab
“Among tens of Chinese marketing agencies in Australia, we found ConnectX, which has a common value with us – build a long-term trustworthy brand among customers. Medisum empowers people to take control of their health and create a more balanced lifestyle with energy-rich and all-natural products. ConnectX’s distribution and brand management methods help Medisum deliver the brand value to our end-customers. I trust the ConnectX team and will gladly have them as our long-term work partner.”
Jane, CEO at Medisum

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