ConnectX General Manager Interview: Stay Young, Dream Big!

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Kevin Zhang is not only a successful entrepreneur, he is probably one of the most creative ones out there in the market. From Kevin’s perspective there is a great potential for ConnectX in the future and he has high hopes for it to be a leading industry commodity.

Kevin Zhang is currently the General Manager at ConnectX with valuable experience as well as a history in management from the brother distribution company Upick.

The ConnectX Group offers its Australian clients a range of services including Brand Management, building their public relations portfolio, and providing media solutions. They also assist in the Distribution Sector of creating a common ground for leveraging the Chinese market. The business is a solution-driven company that combines media and distribution channels together to reach a high media investment return.


  • Why ConnectX is for you

Companies need to understand the stratification behind their marketing technique to attract Chinese-speaking consumers, as their behaviors differ from local Australians. ConnectX utilizes four different platforms that target the Chinese market directly to create the personalized service the market is after; including Digital Transformation, Out-of-Home, Events & Influencers, and Connect China Initiative  platforms. They specifically look at branding to the middle class, high-spending sector of the Chinese population, assisting in developing brand recognition and building a strong connection with the Chinese visitors.


Their strength is to explore the brands’ value – Their job is to understand and adhere to the clients need through applying relevant marketing strategies to ensure affectivity on the result. During the client’s consultation, it is crucial to assess and analyze what necessary approaches are required. Marketing is an ongoing innovative task that requires the team to be constantly contemporary in their methodology. They seldom use the same serial of approaches for different types of clients.


They develop leaders who build a better working world. They believe their team defines who they are. They have a wide scope of talent experts in different fields of research, statistics, marketing, graphic design, and economics. Each member of the team plays a huge role in leading and inspiring ConnectX’s future. These individuals are what motivates us in our everyday workflow.


Responsibility is another core value the team practice in the workplace which plays a huge role to their clients. They have a quota of serving a limit of 10 premium brands each year to ensure satisfaction is brought to our clients no matter what the challenge is.


They pride themselves on the established stance ConnectX has in the media and sales industry. They have Australia local partnerships with the No.1 cross border retailer Aumake, and the media giant JCDecaux and Ooh Media, as well as currently working with Chinese platforms JD (One of China’s biggest B2B2C platforms),  and Alipay (China’s leading payment subsidiary).


How does ConnectX differentiate itself from its competitors?


They have a well-established Connect China Initiative program that has a global retail network. The market varies in size and quality, which can induce confusion and difficulty for businesses in targeting the correct promotional cause. ConnectX cooperates mainly with Australian brands who have operational licensing on the matter and promises delivery on great turnover and steady customer base in Australia. Connect China Initiative Program is an exclusive marketing program for emerging Australian Brands to connect with the Chinese market by establishing Chinese marketing assets and distribution network.

They have strong resource network, and they pitched the best quality supplies and resources for their clients. They have an extensive network of media and distribution partners that can assist in enriching the promotion on hand across extended cross-cultural platforms.

They have a results-oriented and passionate team, and the team understands the importance of converting sales and tracking ROI through marketing budgets and campaign activities and pride ourselves on the track record of sales conversions. ConnectX believes effective strategy integration, harboring results, and responsible actioning into the market and that is why they are very excited to introduce their new team specifically dedicated to understanding solution-driven strategies, and converting sales on where it is most effective. Ongoing evaluation allows us to target and monitor performance on the conversion of various channels, providing outstanding statistics and evidence of success to their clients.


  • Value, Mission and Vision


What does ConnectX offer to the world?


They always put their clients’ welfare and interests as a priority whether it be problem-solving or improving their advertising performance and engagement. It is about understanding how to best serve them to gain their trust organically. ConnectX hopes to ensure the balance of keeping both parties; both the internal and external satisfied. This is a relatively easy task when the business is doing well-all stakeholders are happy.


They build strong business frameworks. ConnectX is an intermediate platform between the Australian and Chinese market. To keep the company sustainable they are always looking for opportunities to cooperate with partners from different industries of hospitality, real estate, product, and tourism, which can be considered as most favorable to the Chinese in Australia.


They promote industry development. ConnectX entices collaboration of joint innovation with potential and current customers, partners, and peers. They are expanding the value of information and communications technology in service for a more robust and symbiotic industry ecosystem.


They drive Australian market growth. ConnectX motivates Australian local brands to exploit into the Chinese market while fostering Australian economic growth and thus local communities. Countless brands have benefited from the sales boom once they enter the Chinese market.


  • The blueprint of ConnectX for its future development


What are ConnectX’s future plans?


They commit themselves as a sustainably valued brand. Even though the company is still fairly young, they pride themselves on being ahead of their time and hoping to build sustainability within the community. We always aim for long term partnerships with our clients and media subsidiary networks– it is the process of creating and maintaining an identity of our service and business for environmental and social benefits. A brand is only perceived as being sustainable if it can credibly convey sustainable benefits that are noticeable and relevant to the consumer – the key is trust between the consumer and the brand.


To build a better working world— is the foundation of our culture. The insights and quality services we provide help gain trust and confidence in the advertising market and the economy. We develop outstanding leaders who team up to deliver on our promises to our stakeholders. In doing so, we play a critical role in building a better working world for our business, as well as our clients and the community.


Stay young, dream big! – “ConnectX team always has a young mindset to embrace the newest technology and marketing methods. We entice result-oriented market investment through mutual cultural relations and understanding. With the vibrant team, we are able to keep our mindsets young, dream big and lead the future. We believe in staying innovative in the work they do and continuously refresh and upgrade new offerings and services to uphold the positioning of being innovative leaders in the marketing field.” the general manager Kevin Zhang said.


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