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Connect China Tour Guide officially distributed in luxury hotels

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Every business understands the importance of Chinese tourists market within Australia, but only a few know how to target them accurately.

As the only tour guide publishes in Chinese travel buses, Connect China Tour Guide helped over 30 brands such as Bellamy Organic, HUAWEI, Blossom Health, Alipay and L’Occitane target Chinese tourists in the most accurate and cost-efficient way.

Each month, over 40,000 Chinese tourists were engaged with us. Now, we partner with Tourist Taskforce South West Sydney and get our tour guide distributed in 10 hotels.

More than 90,000 Chinese tourists per month are now engaged with Connect China Tour Guide.

Why Chinese Tourists?
In 2016, visits from mainland China to Australia were 1.02 million, the total spend by mainland Chinese tourists was $8.3 billion.

By 2024, over 2 million tourists from mainland China will visit Australia, the total spend will increase to $13.7 billion.

What is Connect China Tour Guide?

Connect China Tour Guide is the only publication in over 90 Chinese travel buses and 10 hotels for Chinese tourists to read. Over 90,000 Chinese tourists were covered each month by Connect China Tour Guide.

Why us?

  • Our readers come here to shop
  • Recommended by tour guides
  • 100% engagement with readers
  • over 90,000 readerships per month

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ConnectX is an integrated media solutions provider based in Sydney, which is a solution-driven company that combines media and selling channels together to reach a higher conversion rate.

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