Chinese tour guides – the most competent Daigou shoppers

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Why Chinese tour guides?

Many people have known about the idea of Daigou, but they may not believe that a Chinese tour guide could be in such an influential position in the Daigou community.


Each month, a tour guide would lead at least 15 travel groups with at least 25 people in one group, which allows a tour guide to have at least 300 new customers followed his/her WeChat account every month. That’s a volume which a normal Daigou shopper is not able to reach.


In Connect China distribution and sales system, we work with 600 Chinese tour guides across Sydney and mainland China, reaching over 120,000 Chinese tourists every month. Each of them is able to sell 100 pieces of products every month.


Why can the Chinese tour guides sell so many goods?


First of all, they have a low basic salary, so their income highly relies on commissions and their Daigou business. Second but importantly, they build a strong connection and trust with the tourists during the trip. Consumers would like to order Australian products from the tour guides even when they back to China.


We interviewed one consumer Mrs. Ma who is keen on buying Australian made products. She traveled to Australia in July of 2017, and she kept buying honey products from the group tour guide she met in Australia until now. She said she was looking for a high-quality Australian made product during the trip and she found that the tour guide has a long-year experience working and living in Australia, and the tour guide is very helpful during her trip, so she believed the tour guide would give her a good suggestion for Australian goods that is deserved to buy.


Why Chinese tourists?


In 2016, the total spend of Chinese tourists in the Australian tourist market was 9.2 billion. Chinese tourists are not only the end-customers but also word-to-mouth broadcasters. They have traveled to Australia, and they would like to share the experience with the people they know: what products they have seen, what products they have been recommended and what products they have tried. All of these information will contribute to raising a brand’s awareness to Chinese consumers.


Daigou is a medium to deliver a brand image to Chinese customers, and Chinese tourists are those loudspeakers to amplify the brand voice and reputation. Nowadays, Chinese consumers have become more “wise”: they would rather trust a normal person than a celebrity because they understand the celebrity is likely to recommend a product due to a high endorsement fee, while a normal person would recommend a product with a real experience.


That’s the core of the Daigou business – TRUST


If you want to understand more about Daigou Connection Program, please send an inquiry to

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