China’s Domestic Duty-Free Opportunities for ANZ Products

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Given the on-going international travel restrictions due to COVID-19, domestic travel in China is accelerating. China’s reembrace of travel has produced massive opportunities in the domestic duty-free market.

To help our brands connect with millions of domestic travelers in China, ANBA is launching a duty-free project through partnering with Hainan Tourism and Investment Development Co. This project aims to bring quality Australian and New Zealand products into the cross-border duty-free experiencing mall in Hainan Free Trade Port. By joining the duty-free project, ANBA can benefit brands with supply chain capability and provide a simple way for brands to quickly get into the duty-free market.



‘New Chapter’ For the China Duty-Free Market

Hainan is a well-known tourist destination on the southern coast of China that boasts a picturesque, Hawaii-like climate and the world’s largest stand-alone duty-free shop. During the eight-day National Day holiday in early October 2020, millions of domestic tourists descended on China’s southernmost island province of Hainan, with visits reaching 146,800, up 44% from a year before.



Since 2011, the Chinese government has been creating beneficial policies and building up-and-coming travel tourism. On 1st June 2020, the Chinese government released the Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, setting out preferential policies on trade facilitation, import and export duties, and customs supervision that will be rolled out over the next years.



The is a new chapter for the China offshore duty-free shopping business, which will significantly boost the Hainan Free Trade Port’s development. All of these measures show that the Chinese government is keen on turning Hainan into a strategic destination for travel retail, perhaps, as many in the local media have predicted, to substitute for troubled Hong Kong.

According to Morgan Stanley, the Hainan’s contribution to China’s duty-free market would jump up from 24 percent in 2019 to around half in 2025. Businesses are highly encouraged to explore the exciting new opportunities arising from China’s planned new world-leading free trade port.


How To Join This Project?

All qualified brands are allowed to participate in this exciting project with the potential to make a difference. Once ANBA’s distribution team selects your products, we will provide one-stop logistics and warehousing solutions for you.

Contact us and know more about the duty-free project.

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