“OMG 玩美咖” Case Study – Le Fay

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Brand Portrait

Australian brand emerging to the Chinese market

Industry: Oral care

Positioning: Premium oral care brand

Stage: Brand start from “0“


Celebrity Promotion with “OMG 玩美咖”

In July 2019, ConnectX was coordinating with “OMG 玩美咖” for Le Fay’s brand promotion.

ConnectX Sydney is the strategic partner with the program “OMG 玩美咖”- No.1 Web Lifestyle Show in China, with 3-5 million views on the top 20 streaming platforms of China.

Chinese customers follow the trend and word-of-mouth marketing is essential for the promotion in China. The main objective of the promotion is the collection of marketing assets – increased engagement with Chinese celebrities and endorsement by beauty experts. The marketing assets will assist with increasing sales and orders from their China distribution channels.



As Le Fay is a premium oral care brand, which is targeting fashionable and stylish female customers aged between 20 – 45, we designed the plots for Le Fay integrated with the program perfectly.

Plot/Case 1 – Occasion Marketing

Le Fay is placed in the occasion when the MC and celebrities were having Japanese BBQ, and Le Fay was recommended by a guest to freshen their breath after lunch. The occasion is closely relevant to customers’ demand, and the audience will recall the product when they find themselves in a similar occasion.

Chinese marketing

Chinese marketing

Chinese marketing

Plot/Case 2 – Beauty Expert Test

Le Fay is tested by the beauty expert Xue Chen. Chen is a professional makeup artist who has 1.2 million followers on Weibo, and she is the stylist appointed by the top beauty & fashion magazines of China – Vivi and Rayli.

Endorsement from the beauty expert with her professional knowledge and scientific evidence will add credibility to the product among the target audience.

The MC and celebrity guests analyzed the ingredients and tried on themselves. They described the product as “Oral Ampoule”, which means it not only facilitates oral health, but also oral beauty at the same time.


Re-Marketing & Sales Conversion

We cooperate with Upick International, to coordinate the sales channel with the release of the TV show.

The show displayed a QR code linked to the Le Fay Shop on WeChat Mini Program, which directed the traffic to the online shop directly. In the meantime, Upick International distributed the products to multiple Taobao online shops, providing customers with the easiest way to purchase their product, which converted the traffic into sales.

Le Fay leverages the use of Chinese celebrities’ power and re-markets the portfolio on its social media and distribution channels.


Program Results

Video released on 31st July 2019

Video Click Rate: 6.5 million on 24 streaming platforms

Weibo: 159k views; Wechat Advertorial: 36k

Featured (homepage headline) on Youku, LeTV, Fengxing, PP and 256 TV

Sales Results

From 31st July to 29th Aug

Sales: 192 units online

Order: China Retail Order ¥1,311,609(AU$262,322)

Our distribution team, Upick International, coordinated with online distribution – there is over 30 stores on Taobao selling Le Fay products by 29th of Aug. Le Fay applied the footage on its own social media and Taobao stores, which facilitates the conversion rate. This constitutes a closed-loop for Le Fay’s promotion – endorsement, traffic and sales conversion.

The three-party collaboration made a fascinating result – with over $260k in sales in one month. This is a huge success through detailed campaign planning and collaboration.


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