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ConnectX, leads the marketing industry when it comes to integrated branding services assisting in bridging the Australian, New Zealand and Chinese market.

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We are solution-driven marketing experts that utilise a broad range of media, research and trading channels to underpin success upon delivery for our clients. We have positioned ourselves as leading pioneers in our field, optimising not only brand investment but also continuous evaluation on performance for the client.

The integration of local and international positioning in the market has allowed us to showcase an impressive portfolio of over 100+ clients, leading in their respective fields. ConnectX combines marketing and distribution methods together to target sales and convert customers in both Mainland China, and local Australians. 

We provide extensive services and support to the client from the very get go of the journey; building on relationship and trust to achieve their objectives in running a strong successful campaign.

Our Values

We entice result oriented market investment through mutual cultural relations and understanding. With our vibrant team we are able to keep our mindsets young, dream big and lead the future. We believe in staying innovative in the work we do, and continuously refresh and upgrade our media kits with new offerings and services to uphold the positioning of being innovative leaders in our marketing field.


ConnectX believes in effective strategy integration, harbouring results, and responsible action into the market and that is why we are very excited to introduce our new team specifically dedicated to understand solution driven strategies, and converting sales on where it is most effective.

Why ConnectX

Our Core Strengths


We cater each clients’ needs with services to help achieve exponential business growth through a result oriented mind-set. Our goal is to help our clients achieve exponential business growth.

Strong Network

We have an extensive network database of media partners that can assist in enriching the promotion on hand, incl. digital, social media, out-of-home, cinema, print, and event sponsorships.

Passionate Team

Our team is made up of bright and passionate marketing professionals who bring together expertise, insight and a shared ambition of creating the best work every time.

We deliver enriching end results for our clients.

Strategy. Action. Results

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